🔧 Enter the start-up settings

Go to "Settings".

The first "Configuration" page allows you to modify the startup parameters (* denotes mandatory fields):

  • Name: this appears on the welcome banner until modified, and in the last section of the homepage unless you hide it - "Welcome to the platform" section (.footer_sub_hero) in the "Homepage" menu - and as the title of the window of your browser.
  • Link social networks: you can add links to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Github social networks in the Decidim footer. Warning: you only need to fill in the suffix /account name (not the whole https://twitter.com/nom-du-compte URL).
  • Default language: French is pre-configured on the instances we deploy. To add other languages, please contact our teams.
  • Reference prefix: all proposals and meetings created on Decidim have a unique reference identifier to guarantee their authenticity (e.g. "demo-PROP-2018-06-3"); this is to define the prefix used instead of "demo" which appears in the red box below. We recommend a short prefix.
  • Enable badges: badges encourage user participation. Indeed, when users contribute a lot to the platform, they receive different badges to reward them. 
  • Activate user groups: user groups allow users to participate on the platform as a group, i.e. to contribute as an organisation, association, neighbourhood council etc. Administrators must validate groups before they become active.
  • Send a welcome notification: Sends a welcome email to each new participant.
  • Customize the Welcome Notification: Allows you to change the default welcome email. When this box is checked, you can change the subject of the notification as well as the body of the message. 

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