📊 Global settings for the Proposals feature

Global parameters:

To set up a "Proposal" module, you must go to the features sub-menu and click on "Add a feature". Here you will be able to see the relationship between the elements filled in the settings and the user space. 

You must first enter the Title of your feature Proposalsas well as its Display Rank. This setting concerns the menu of your process (see below). Here, the title of the Survey is "Questionnaire", and its display rank is 3. 

You must then enter the global settings for your Proposals feature. 

  • User vote limit: when necessary, enter the maximum number of votes allocated to a user. A value of 0 implies an unlimited number of votes.
  • Minimum number of votes per user: if necessary, enter the minimum number of votes a user must use. 
  • User proposal limit: the maximum number of proposals that users can make. The value 0 implies an unlimited number of proposals.
  • Maximum number of characters in the proposal body : 500 characters by default. 
  • Time limit (in minutes) after which the authors can no longer modify their proposals: the time limit during which the authors can modify their proposals. By default, this number is set to 5 minutes. It is recommended to not leave too much time because as soon as someone supports or comments on the proposal, it will no longer be able to be modified. 
  • Threshold per proposal: maximum number of votes a proposal can receive

You can then select the options you want to enable on the general configuration of the feature: 

  • May accumulate endorsements beyond the threshold: once the threshold is exceeded, the meter will continue to count additional endorsements (e.g. 600/200 endorsements).
  • Allow official reply to proposals: Allows you to reply to users' proposals from the administrator space.
  • Tri des propositions par défaut : vous permet de changer l'ordre d'affichage de propositions en front-office (voir l'article sur l'ordre d'affichage de propositions) 
  • Allow the creation of official proposals: Allows you to create official proposals from the administrator space.
  • Enable the comment module: Allows you to enable or disable the possibility for users to post comments under a proposal.
  • Geocoding enabled: displays a map on the proposal index to pinpoint contributions. When creating a proposal, users can choose to Fill in an address to locate their proposal.
  • Allow Attachments: Allows users to upload attachments.
  • Authorizations for actions can be defined for each proposal (see the article on authorizations and checks).
  • Collaborative drafts enabled : this tool allows users to access the index of participatory drafts, and thus create collaborative projects. For more information, visit the article dedicated to collaborative drafts.
  • Activate participatory texts: cannot be activated if proposals have already been posted. For more information, go to the article dedicated to participatory texts.
  • Modifications enabled: allows users to amend proposals. For more information, go to the article dedicated to amendments.

Finally, you can set up announcements and help texts to accompany users on the Proposals space and when creating proposals.

  • Announcement: help or informational text visible to users on the proposals index
  • Help text for the creation of a new proposal: help texts appear throughout the proposal submission process (except in the Publish step).
  • Help texts for the Create ANew Proposal step: a help text appears in the first step of the submission
  • Help text for the Compare ANew Proposal step: Announcement that appears when the proposal is similar to others
  • Help text for the stepCompleting a new proposal  
  • Help text for thestep Publish New Proposal

In the user area, the person submitting a proposal sees the following announcement messages (here: step Compare). 

Les paramètres d'étape :

You must then configure the parameters for the steps. Here, only one step has been set up. We recommend that you complete all your steps (see the article "Configuring the steps of my Process") before configuring the step settings. 

Warning: the steps can only be set in Process spaces.  Assembly spaces are not structured in steps.

You can check the same boxes for each step, like in general settings, in order to activate or deactivate certain settings. You can also add hashtags automatically or suggest hashtags to users at each step of the Process. 

⚠️ Si vous avez une autre case à cocher Activer les coûts sur les réponses aux propositions, rendez-vous sur l'article coût des propositions pour plus d'informations. 

Finally, click on "Add a Feature". If you want to publish your feature Proposals, go to the Features sub-menu of your Process and click on the "Publish" icon.

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